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College DUI

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How a DUI Arrest Can Impact a College Student’s Life

A DUI charge can carry very tough penalties that can have an immediate impact on a college student’s life as well as future implications. These can include having to pay fines, damage to social standing, and even preventing professional development. For college students, their school’s policies or code of conduct could require that they lose their scholarship or financial, be suspended or expelled from the institution. Should the student be allowed to finish their studies and graduate, having a DUI conviction on their record can create issues when pursuing employment after their collegiate career.

Potential Penalties for College DUIs in Fort Myers

If a college student is found guilty of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, there are certain factors that can affect what kind of penalties they could be facing. For students who are older than 21-years-old, they can face up to six months in jail, having their licenses revoked for a year and a $1,000 fine. If the student is under 21-years-old, they could have their license suspended for having a blood alcohol content level of just .02.

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