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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights as a Suspect of DUI

Skilled DUI Attorneys in Fort Myers

We have seen it happen time and time again: individuals arrested on suspicion of DUI end up facing convictions because they did not understand the rights afforded to them. This is not something that has to happen to you! Our Fort Myers DUI lawyers have nearly half a century of experience and can guide you deftly through this legal process. We have successfully represented thousands of cases, and we have everything you need to ensure that your rights are upheld.

Unlawful DUI Stops

As we go over a new client’s case, one of the first questions we address is whether or not the arresting officer had probable cause to pull over your vehicle. According to the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, law enforcement cannot legally search you or your property without probable cause or a warrant. In these cases, probable cause would be something like erratic driving, traffic violations, speeding, or swerving. Additionally, you cannot be required to perform any kind of roadside sobriety test unless the officer observed that you were demonstrating signs of impairments such as bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, or the smell of alcohol. If it turns out that the officer did not have probable cause, it is possible that we could get the charges dismissed.

Do Not Take Chances with Your Future & Freedom

Innocent until proven guilty is not just a quick turn of phrase on television cop procedurals, it is an extremely important window into how our nation’s courts are intended to work. It is up to the prosecutor to find evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime – and it is up to us to help ensure that your case is thoroughly and fairly defended. We take great pride in our ability to investigate our client’s situation and find inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.

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